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Washington DC’s most curiously non-curated art gallery and exhibition is back – the next ArtJamz Artz Bazaar is Sunday, April 14th from noon to 4PM. It’s free, open to the public, there is a bar … and did we mention lots of affordable art?

A typical DC Art Gallery is quiet with lots of white walls. When ArtJamz turns its Dupont Studion into our Artz Bazaar it is anything but that. Indeed , the Artz Bazaar is an opportunity to discover and collect an assortment of local and affordable art, all while enjoying the upbeat public art studio and lounge at ArtJamz. The best part is that all works are from local artists, and they are priced between $35 and $500. The bi-monthly Artz Bazaar is dedicated to providing original artwork to DC area residents so they can start, or add to, their collections without having to go to Sotheby’s or draw on napkins to get it done. This is the perfect opportunity to support your local artists and expand your art collection, and have a few drinks in the process. Don’t worry, we will still be hosting ArtJamz sessions and listening to great music – we have two floors now!

ArtJamz is proud to present the following artists for our April 14th Artz Bazaar:

Cecilia Aquino: My work portrays portraiture through a visual interchange of abnormality and mixed media throughout her pieces. I explore the variety of ways people externalize emotion. These portraits embody the vulnerability and strength that are present in human beings. By capturing the features and then by enhancing and distorting the faces gives the portrait a sense of freedom through interpretation. Inspired by the action of taking away the realistic aspect of a self-portrait and focusing on human abnormality and twisting of both facial and body shapes. Through the organic overlay of sand texture and color I am able to make features stand out at the points of transition where emotion changes.


Michael Clements: The images and media of my paintings vary, but two common thread connect my work – movement and text. There are two ways to view my art: One is to breeze over each and soak in the immediate colours and patterns – but you’d be missing the point. The work is meant to be viewed as one might read a book or watch a movie – it is best to imagine each of the objects as they are moving. If you do this, you’ll find that each picture has its own motion and interplay between the objects and ideas therein. It is this movement and interaction which brings the art to life. Imagine this and the artwork will be what it originally was before it came to rest on paper – a buzzing hive of ideas, images, experiences, wants, needs and fantasies all yearning to break out.


Clive Emeka: Clive is a talented artist who graduated from Imo State University in Nigeria. He specializes in portraits and colorful realistic paintings. His infectious smile, singing and personality help keep the studio smiling too.


Jane Guyton: Jane’s medium of choice is acrylics, often combined with collaged papers and fabrics. She most enjoys abstracting from nature, and from the indigenous roots of human life through spiritual symbols such as totems and runes. She also paints narrative works that may include abstracted human or animal forms, symbols and words. Her intention is to draw the viewer into the art through its multiple layers of paint and meaning.




Danny Jean-Jacques: My influence has always been between the lines of graffiti and comic strips. It is a style now that is all my own with no known genre. It feels good to color outside the lines.




Margrét Kröyer: was born and raised in Akureyri, Northern Iceland. Her parents and grandparents strongly emphasized the arts and a creative lifestyle, with the result of Margrét starting to paint at very early age. Encouraged by her teachers and family, young Margrét continued painting throughout her school years to successfully earn a college diploma in Fine Arts and a Bachelor degree in Artistic Graphic Design.


Handirubvi Indigo Wakatama: Indigo is a student at the Corcoran studying Fine Art and Art Education. She also studied, for a semester, at Chelsea College of Art in London where she developed an obsession with illustration inspired by the street art of Shoreditch. Indigo works with any material that allows her to create and deliver her concepts, she enjoys all aspects of art as a form of expression and hopes to pursue a career as well-fed artist.

ArtJamz Artz Bazaar

April 14th Noon-4:00PM
Free and open to public
1728 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington DC 20002

Want to showcase your work in the Artz Bazaar? Email please title your email Artz Bazaar. Submissions for the June 16th Artz Bazaar due by May 1st. Include artist statement, cv and portfolio. Or attach five work low rez samples. We’ll send you more information about the business side of things when we get your query.

The ArtJamz Artz Bazaar started in 2012 as a way to encourage the Washington DC metro area to collect more local art. During our past Artz Bazaars we have sold a number of pieces and helped expose a wide range of our culturally curious artjammers to local art.

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